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Sibarist Espresso Filters SOFT from SIBARIST LAB - 57mm

Sibarist Espresso Filters SOFT from SIBARIST LAB - 57mm

 As a safety precaution, all filters are final sale and not returnable.


The SOFT grade is an espresso filter that uses the FAST Specialty Coffee Filter. It provides soft filtration on the espresso shots for a cleaner cup with a light impact on the espresso machine settings and puck conditions.

Enhance your daily coffee ritual with the high-performance filters that bring out the best in your espresso.

Experience the fullest potential with SIBARIST Espresso Filter

SIBARIST SOFT ESPRESSO Filters offer a refined solution for enhancing the espresso coffee experience on espresso machines. The SIBARIST ESPRESSO Filters meticulously designed filters provide a consistent extraction process, improved puck yield, and enhanced cup clarity, all contributing to a more superior coffee result.


The SIBARIST ESPRESSO filters have a different diameter than your portafilter. The filter diameter aligns with the inner bottom basket diameter. To determine the correct filter size for your basket, you should measure the inner bottom diameter of your basket using a vernier caliper. This measurement corresponds to the filter size that will be compatible with your basket.

If you don't have the means to measure this diameter, you can use the printable template to find the right filter. Print the template and cut out the circles, then place them inside your portafilter basket. The circle that fits best within the basket (occupying the least space) corresponds to the filter diameter you need. The number in the center of the selected circle indicates the filter diameter in millimeters. Ensure that you print the document at a 1:1 scale (100%) to ensure the template size matches the actual size accurately.


The SIBARIST LAB label are the most innovative and experimental products that go one step beyond, pursuing excellence.

The main purpose of SIBARIST LAB products is to let the community experiment, learn and get a better cup of coffee. Let’s develop the products of the future together!

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